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        業務垂詢 0317-4313223 /4312601
        青縣大金精密機械有限公司 > 企業簡介


        Qingxian County Dajin Precise Mechanics CO.LTD, Hebei Province, was founded in the 21 st century. After many years of development, we have completed the primary capital accumulation. Under the new situation of market competition, we have expected the trend of famous brands. For the strategy of further development, we upgrade the enterprise on the whole. We adopt the modern system of management. We pursue the perfect quality and seek to build up the first-class Dajin enterprise.
        Our company mainly produces shuttles, shuttle bars, slides and other products of10#、9#、7#、6# used by quilters and other machines.Our products are durable and the prices are reasonable, which wins us good comment from customers. Our products are popular both at home and abroad.
        Our company sticks to the enterprise spirit of reform and novelty, honesty and struggle. We believe in the principle of placing great emphasis on the quality, the interests of the customers and good fame. With new products, honest attitude and perfect service, we expect customers both at home and abroad to come.
        Today’s achievements are the start of tomorrow. The people of Dajin Precise Mechanics CO.LTD are willing to work hard to make improvement in product research, development, production and service and make a glorious future for the enterprise.
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